Project/event management




Why use a facilitator? Whether you're holding a strategic planning session for seven, or an annual general meeting for seven hundred, a skilled and experienced facilitator can make your meeting run more smoothly. You'll achieve increased meeting efficiency and effectiveness, and you'll promote positive participation.

You choose the types of services that you want: before, during and after the meeting. Working together, we can make sure that your meeting accomplishes your objectives.

Advance preparation: Meeting preparation saves meeting time! Before the meeting, we can work together to do one or all of the following:

  • Set meeting objectives
  • Design a workable agenda
  • Choose room layouts
  • Arrange necessary equipment
  • Design readable and timely information packages

Meeting process management: During the meeting, I manage process, making sure that everyone is heard and that ideas are summarized and recorded. This leaves your meeting participants free to engage in the issues at hand. By using a range of different discussion and problem-solving techniques, I ensure that creativity is stimulated and energy is high. Your meeting runs on topic and on time, and meeting time becomes productive time!

Post-meeting follow-up: Prompt post-meeting packages remind participants of their decisions and action plans - and help get those action items rolling!

Typical recent contracts:

  • Facilitating 60 government, industry and science participants from across western North America in a 2-day workshop to find solutions to an environmental issue.
  • Facilitating a government consultation with affected communities regarding the presentation of a controversial historic event (multiple meetings, 15 participants from across Canada)
  • Preparing for, facilitating and following up on a 2-day strategic planning session for the staff of an international ENGO (12 participants).
  • Preparing for, facilitating, and following up on a 3-day federal government/industry collaboration meeting for 50 people from across Canada.
  • Facilitating and preparing the report for a 1 ½ day public consultation meeting for a round table of 20 members and a public gallery of 30 people.
  • Planning for and facilitating two 50-participant meetings of a collaborative land-use planning process (landowners, developers, city personnel from multiple departments, consultants) for a new 50,000-resident community
  • Facilitating a monthly community engagement series for a small British Columbia community




You need a media release, a web page, a brochure text, a procedure, a grant application or a report, and you just can't find the time to get it written. Why not contract it out? You provide the background information on your objective, your message and your audience, and I do the rest. You get professional text, written clearly and accurately. Best of all, you get to cross that pesky task off your to-do list!

Perhaps you've already done your best on a piece of text, but it doesn't jump off the page the way you'd hoped. You're concerned that it's not clear, not organized, not energetic, not interesting. Let me ask you a few questions, then edit your text. Together, we can make it into a piece of writing that will accomplish your objectives.

Typical recent contracts and projects:

  • Editing media releases
  • Writing event descriptions for a major public event
  • Writing a grant application
  • Copy-editing a 48-page magazine


Project/event management


When special projects come along, sometimes it's hard to fit them into your regular workload. Perhaps you're organizing an event, launching a new product, or putting out a new publication. You need someone to lay out a workplan and budget for your approval, keep it moving, keep all the players informed and help you bring your project in on budget and on time.

Often, you can find that help within your organization. But when you need more project management experience than you have available, consider talking to me about your project. Let's see whether we can work together to make it a reality.

Typical recent contract:

  • Managing editor for a 175-page book