a few notes on our current situation -- June 21, 2013, 2 pm

Here are a few quick notes on the questions I’m hearing most frequently.  Please pass this information on!

Where can I find out what’s happening?

Your best source for very current Banff information is www.banff.ca
You’ll see the red light and “Emergency Alert” notice at the top of the home page.  That’s where the most current updates are being posted.

Please, *don't* listen to or contribute to the rumour mill!  Check for the real info at banff.ca

Can I drive to ... ?

Here’s the most current info from Parks Canada
• Trans-Canada Highway:
Closed both directions east of the Norquay interchange - motorists cannot
travel east from Banff
Open both directions between Norquay and Lake Louise - motorists can
travel between Lake Louise and Banff
Open westbound only from Lake Louise to Golden - motorists can
travel to Golden from Banff and points west and make further travel
decisions once in Golden
Closed eastbound from Golden - motorists cannot travel east from Golden
and emergency personnel are NOT allowing local residents (Field, Lake
Louise, Banff) through the closure at this time

Are there any problems with the water supply?

No, our drinking water supply is running normally, water quality is being monitored, and it is fine.

What can I do?

• Some low-lying properties near the river are sandbagging.  Volunteers can help fill sandbags at the dog park.  Please bring a shovel.
• There has been an evacuation of Rocky Mountain Housing Co-op.  If you can host evacuees, please call FCSS 403-762-1251 to put your name on the list.
• Please do *not* go near any riverbanks
• Please do *not* clear the grocery store shelves “just in case”.  Arrangements are being made to get groceries into Banff.