public hearing April 25

Hello everyone:

My apologies for missing my “council email update” last weekend – I was out at the coast for a brief family holiday.  I do want to send you a quick reminder about tomorrow’s public hearing, at 1 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Here’s information from my March 24 update about the two Land Use Bylaw amendments that are being considered:

Bylaw on Transferability of Commercial Development Allotments

As you know, we have a commercial growth cap here in Banff.  Every so often, a lottery is held to give potential developers a crack at some square footage that will allow them to do their development.  Right now, unused Commercial Development Allotments (CDAs) expire after five years, returning to the Town’s “kitty”.  Meanwhile, there are developers who have part of the square footage they need for their proposed building, but no way (other than the lottery) to acquire more.  The proposed bylaw would allow CDAs to be transferred from a developer who is not going to use them to one who will. 

Bylaw on Transferability of commercial gross floor area

The transfer of CDAs is a transfer of potential, un-built space.  This bylaw proposes transferability of previously built space.  So, for example, if commercial space is demolished, or if a building that was commercial is taken over for non-commercial purposes (a government office, let’s say), then this bylaw proposes that the commercial space represented by that building should be available for transfer to another site. 

You can see the whole information package and the proposed bylaws at this link:

Tomorrow's meeting is for public input only.  The bylaws will come back to Council at a later meeting for consideration of second and third reading.


All the best until next time -- Leslie